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Masterlist of PR/KR/SS that I've Seen

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! this is a really short update, but as of the moment, I do have a job!

one of them is a seasonal posistion at my local Macy's, and it will most likely only last through about the 2nd week of January.

the second one is a part-time job at the local supermarket as a cashier, which is pretty exciting and fun!

Hopefully I will get a more detailed or fandom-related entry in here by Christmas. see you then!


update - lived through hurricane

so, I am still alive after Hurricane Sandy, but lost power last Monday and PSEG says it will be back by this Friday at the latest.

I hate to be a complainer, but the novelty of no power? wore off after the first 2 days and when the tempertature at night was 50 degrees F or lower.

have gone into mom's work this week, so that's where this is coming from.



I'm back! and of course I ramble

Hi guys! If you've been reading my journal, you know that I had computer troubles - which is why I can happily say I'm posting from my own computer.

Tales of my computer troublesCollapse )

I want to talk about something else in this entry, something that I am well aware most of my friends are not familiar with: the JPop group AKB48 - and their central member, Maeda Atsuko. the main group itself has 90 members currently, not counting its sister groups in Japan - SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48 (this one is actually in Indonesia) and TPE48 & SHN48 (both of which are in the process of being made right now). I mean, at the general election this year in June (which I'll get into a little bit down), there were 237 members you could choose from (not including JKT48 and minus 6 girls from the 14th gen of RS students). That is a lot of faces to remember, especially since between the 4 Japanese sister groups (AKB, SKE, NMB & HKT), there are some girls that look like other girls (which when you have over 200 girls, there are bound to be some similar looking girls).

for reference, this is a picture of Atsuko, or Acchan when the group started in 2005:


lots of rambling about AKB48Collapse )

Everyone, I apologize for the length of this entry. I did not intend to write this much, it sort of got away from me a little bit. As always, I missed you guys and your comments are greatly appreciated!

hockey entry

I just came back from Game 6 of the Devils-Rangers Eastern Conference Series, AND WE WON!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS! I've only been home for about 30 mins and I am still so excited.



birthday entry!

Hi everyone! Today is my 25th entry, and since my birthday entries are usually posted the day after, it's a good accomplishment that I got it up today!

I don't really have much to update you guys on - my job search is still ongoing and moving slow, my computer is still down (though I hope to remedy that soon), and I am still writing the Kiva Character essay as promised. sorry this is pretty short, but nothing really of significance has happened since the last update.

however, on a good note, my team, the NJ Devils (Hockey) are going to the Eastern Conference Finals WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! for those who don't know, if they win their next round, they'll get to play for the Stanley Cup, which is equivalent to the Super Bowl or World Series in football and baseball, respectively. The best part of it was that they were underdogs in the round they came out of and no one expected them to win, so to win and in 5 games (you need 4 wins out of 7 to win during the playoffs) was a great accomplishment. LET'S GO ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR, BOYS!!

again, sorry for the short length.



Hi guys - I know I haven't posted in a long time, and I apologize. I haven't vanished and I can't use the 'I've been busy' excuse - because I really haven't been that busy. As some of you know, I finished my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in June of 2010, but I don't want to go into clinical psychology - I want to work in a daycare, with young children. But I've spent all my time since I graduated looking for a job, preferably with children, but right now, seeing as how it's getting pretty close to 2 years, I'm not that picky anymore. But enough about my job troubles, I know it's hard for a lot of recent college graduates.

Part of the reason that I haven't been in a long time is that in November 2011, something happened to my computer - something that cause the computer to not start up properly because some part of it is corrupted (or something along those lines, I don't remember exactly), but so I haven't been able to watch Gokaiger or Fourze, or update my music. So that has hindered my creative juices a little.

I don't really know why I don't post here that much anything - I guess sometimes I think nothing really exciting is going on with me, and that my normal life is not too exciting. Besides, I've noticed most of the stuff recently has been fandom related - not that's bad, but not having access to the latest Sentai subs, has hindered my writing muses a little.

I apologize if this entry is depressing - I didn't mean it that way, but I wanted to say more than 'I'm sorry and I'll be better' and than not post for another year again - cause I've done that before. That said, with my computer down, I do miss my fandoms - I was really enjoying Kamen Rider Fourze, I thought the characters were extremely well portrayed and weren't one note. I also miss Gokaiger, especially since I heard 41 was an Ahim episode and also made Ahim and Marvelous canon, which made me happy since I am a Red/Pink shipper a lot, but I really do like these two together. I have other fandoms too - like Castle, Body of Proof and I love 'Once Upon A Time' on ABC, but SS and KR are ones that I usually tend to write about.

also, it was a while ago, but you guys remember when I did that look back on Go-onger? At the time, I wanted to do one for Kiva too, but never got around to it? I might do it pretty soon, also on my list are ones for some of the other Sentais (Dekaranger and Shinkenger definitly) and probably Kamen Rider Double. so hopefully I can work on those sooner than later and will have them up soon.

So that's what going on right now - thanks for letting me get it out. Love you guys :DDDDDD

just saw this video on ohnotheydidnt and had to repost here. It is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen - helped by Mark Valley from Boston Legal and Matt Dallas from Kyle XY:

click here for adorablenessCollapse )

Writing again!

Hi guys. I did have my 24th birthday last week, I got some wonderful gifts and such. I usually make some entry close to my birthday, but I've been so busy.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have been searching for a job, and I have a job interview this Friday! Wish me luck :D

As you may have noticed, brand new userpic! It is by the lovely and talented zarahjoyce. I don't know what it is and I'll talk about this again at a later date, but I didn't watch much of Goseiger at all - however, I am all wrapped up in Gokaiger and am always anticipating the newest subs to come out. But like I said, that's another entry altogether.

Anyway, I bring a fic with me. I apologize for the length - I've been writing for the better part of 2 hours and it was 4 pages long in Word, one of the longer ones I can remember writing. And while the fic features the pairing of Joe/Ahim, I am aware that my new icon is Marvelous/Ahim - in general, I feel like these two so far have more chemistry on the show, since half the time they seem to be setting up Joe/Luka. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please comment!

Now that that's done, I'm going to sleep, as it is just after 2 in the morning where I am.

Title: Te wo Tsunaginagara
Author: Lauren, or lkwreader
Fandom: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Pairing: Ahim de Famille & Joe Gibken, a little, tiny bit of Marvelous/Joe (only because it’s impossible not to see it sometimes).
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nothing from Gokaiger belongs to me. It all belongs to Toei.
Warnings: none.
Summary: Joe & Ahim’s initial views of each other begin to change as events unfold around them.
Notes: Refers to events that took place in Episode 4. Te wo Tsunaginagara means Holding onto my Hand. It is the title of SKE48 (a subgroup of AKB48) Team S’s Second Stage. To read the lyrics and understand the song better, the lyrics have been translated here: http://stage48.net/studio48/tewotsunaginagara.html This is primarily written from Ahim’s perspective, however, a line a of dashes means that the perspective has switched. Goes with the flow of the episode, adding dialogue to scenes with Joe & Ahim. I apologize for the length; its 4 pages typed out in Word, probably one of the longer things I’ve written.

Click here!Collapse )


What I'm doing

Hi everyone :D I know it's been a long time since I posted here, but I wanted to update you guys with what I've been doing recently.

-I just got into watching 'The Amazing Race' this season, and have been watching since the season premeire. My favorite team was the cowboys, and I am still a little bitter about them being eliminated last week, but am glad to see Kent & Vxysin go home tonight. I like Vxysin fine, but half the time Kent comes off as as whiny brat who blames her for everything that goes wrong, she's a saint for not strangling him.
-I am looking for a full-time or part-time job, since very soon I will have been out of school for a full year, but I still don't have a full time job, so been doing lots of intervies. fingers crossed that I find something soon.
-except some meta pieces about the characters of Kiva & Double soon. also my fic muse has come back after the latest DCOM, (Disney Channel Original Movie) Lemonade Mouth, so I'm hopeful to write something soon.

also, if you like retro pop and jpop, listed to this song by AKB48 Undergirls for their upcoming single, 'Everday, Katyusha'. this is one of the c/w's, Hito no Chikara.

hopefuly I'll get another entry up soon :D


p.s. look for a new userpic soon.

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